The 3 Best Bike Race Game Titles

Just like riding a real dirt bike, a bike race game is another activity that boosts your adrenaline level and pumps you with a dose of extreme, so if you can’t afford to purchase the real equipment invest in a dirt bike race game instead for your fix. In the past couple years with the debut of gound-breaking gaming systems such as the Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3 has come some of the most incredible bike race games yet, boasting mind-boggling 3D graphics and a thrill-ride gaming experience that can engulf the player into the race like they are actually there. If you don’t own a home console or handheld gaming system you could also try one of the many available bike games on the web, the best part is that many of these game titles are completely free of charge.

In order to help you decided which game is best for you I’ve gone over a few of the top bike race game titles that have something to offer for everyone.

Deca Sports Bike Race GameNeon Rider – This motor bike video game is very basic and only offers one track, it is absolutely free and allows the player to race non-stop. Other special features for this game include pulling wheelies, crashing into other racers to gain aggressive points and choosing the color of your rider’s bike. You can play this game online through flash using the keyboard arrows to control your player, don’t forget to scoop up the bonus points on the track as you pass them.

Braap-Braap – Another simplified bike race game, Braap-Braap can be played online where you compete against other people from all over the world for the best score. You’re able to choose different bikes as well as riders and has a tournament mode with a variety of tracks to choose from.

Deca Sports – If you have Nintendo’s Wii you can enjoy this amazing multi-sports game. Deca is a collection of ten different sports and one of those is motor cross bike racing. There are several different game modes including “Tournament” mode where the racer will get to compete against others for the gold medal. DS also hosts an “Open Race” game mode where the player gets to just ride around an open track with no limit for fun, pulling stunts and jumps for as long as they please.

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